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Risk Management for the Fintech Industry

Fair Lending Compliance

Innovative, Integrated Risk Management

Fintech companies are at the forefront of innovation, developing systems and solutions to help financial institutions run better. Automation is your stock-in-trade, but are you applying it to internal processes such as your own third-party risk?

Ncontracts solutions provide your organization with the information and capability to manage risk and compliance, making you a more attractive vendor to clients in the financial services industry. Be the company every financial institution wants to do business with.


Our secure solutions work together to provide your fintech company with seamless integration of all aspects of risk and compliance management:

Risk Management

Risk management delivers constant control monitoring in the form of data collection, so you can manage risk in real time.

Vendor Management

Vendor management allows you to measure and manage third-party risk impacts on your organization more effectively.

Contract Management

Contract management provides secure contract storage and access, also helping you uncover the inherent risk in your current contracts, and helping determine more beneficial terms for your organization.

Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management ensures that even when disaster strikes, you can go on serving your clients.

Compliance Management

Compliance management takes care of an essential step in risk management: measuring and managing your compliance, including staying up to date on regulatory changes and handling customer complaints.

Findings Management

Findings management gives you the tools to remediate audit and exam findings, but also the means to be proactive by knowing what to correct before the next exam.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity assessment provides you with an FFIEC-driven template to easily assess gaps in your cybersecurity.

Audit Management

Automate and integrate auditing and QC/QA, for confidence in your compliance and risk management processes.