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Enterprise Risk Management Software

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The upside of risk? Risk management, simplified.

Still using fragmented manual processes for risk management? Switch to an efficient, user-friendly system that offers institution-wide access. Nrisk is a secure, online-risk management solution that enables financial institutions and financial services companies to continuously measure potential impacts at the enterprise level, for a panoramic view that can help you manage risk from a position of powerful preparedness.

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With Nrisk, your organization can:


Improve exam readiness and strengthen existing compliance and controls with customized risk ratings and reporting, as well as interactive dashboards for organized task management.


Assess risk continuously, with extensive control and risk libraries, robust reporting, and easy-to-use dashboards that allow you to identify, evaluate, measure, and monitor risk in real-time with relevant metrics.

risk continuously

Automate processes and procedures to decrease the number of hours needed for ERM and allocate the appropriate resources to risks.


Manage and measure your financial and non-financial risk holistically. Integration with Nfindings and other Ncontracts software can help reduce work and risk with one seamless system.


Work-From-Home Risk Assessment

Transitioning to a WFH environment helps limit the spread of COVID-19, but it also introduces a variety of security and compliance risks for financial institutions.

What are those risks and what can FIs do to mitigate them? Download Ncontracts’ Work-From-Home Risk Assessment for a primer on the most common IT and HR risks associated with a WFH workforce and how to mitigate them.


Key Features


Ability to assess financial and non-financial exposure


Prebuilt and configurable risk assessments


Natural language navigators and wizards to assess risk


Customizable hierarchies to support any business structure


Ability to assign and assess multiple controls per risk


Customizable risk ratings and reporting


Interactive dashboards and reporting


End-user portals for access control


Read-only access for designated users like examiners


Dedicated team assigned to your institution


Setup and customization of business structure


Conversion and customization of existing risk data


Ongoing updates and product enhancements


Unlimited training and support

Turn risks into results

As a risk management professional, you don’t just identify and assess risk. You’re also a savvy change agent who leverages risk assessments to share insights that shape strategic decisions and objectives.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of those risk assessments and maximizing your value to the team by joining us for a webinar where we’ll show you how to “right-size” your risk assessments.

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