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Business Continuity Management Software

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BCM solutions for business as usual.

Your organization is built to survive, and thrive. When disaster strikes, you need to have the ability to recover quickly and get back to work serving your community. Your continuity plan outlines the steps to do that, and also helps you avoid compounding the initial issue with unforeseen costs and confusion.

Ncontinuity is the flexible, scalable, secure online business continuity management (BCM) software for the financial industry. Using our interactive dashboard and tools, you can take the steps to fortify business continuity resilience throughout your organization and in your third-party vendor relationships. Our software also includes protocols and enhanced features for managing pandemic situations.

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With Ncontinuity, your organization can:


Provides the tools to create a business impact analysis (BIA) and analyze results so you can identify and close the gap between recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery time actual (RTA), safeguarding your organization from serious financial impacts and security breaches.


Allows you to easily construct, update, and test business continuity plans through a single data entry point.


Built-in functionality to notify identified personnel for tabletop exercises as well as real-time incidents using voice, text, and email notifications.

Compliance Management System

Function-based planning gives you the ability to organize steps/planning by key applications, infrastructure, or processes, streamlining plans to handle multiple scenarios.

Compliance Management

Generates measurable timeframes and results for business continuity plans to ensure exam success for documented, assured compliance.

Enterprise Risk Management
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Key features


Pandemic-related content that can be configured to your needs, including prebuilt models and mapping tools


Prebuilt and configurable business impact analysis and remediation strategies


Comprehensive communication tools, including two-way communication for personnel status during an event


Built-in post-event or test analysis


Extensive reporting and dashboards

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