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Welcome Note

Welcome to CONNECT 2022! We’re thrilled to bring you the OnSemble annual user conference. Our last virtual event was packed with sessions that showcased product innovations and customer case studies. Customers demonstrated how they use OnSemble to solve everyday business challenges and deliver value company-wide. This year we're bringing back our annual Besties Award ceremony where we celebrate our OnSemble Family, achievements over the past year, and all the exciting updates coming in the near future.


  - Michael Berman, CEO of Ncontracts

Michael Berman


Day 1

Mar 9 2022

Day 2

Mar 10 2022

Program Begins at 1:00 p.m. EST

Connect 2022 Welcome Address


Stephanie Scott, VP Customer Success - Ncontracts

Michael Berman, Founder & CEO - Ncontracts

Bill Simpson, CTO - Ncontracts

Jake Gutting, SVP Product Management - Ncontracts



Engagement – The Key to Your Organization's Growth

The best way to improve your organization’s growth, service, and culture is to better engage your employees. This session will provide best practices on how to engage your employees in the strategic objectives and vision of your organization through OnSemble.


Speaker: Brooke Holven, Director of Retail Sales & Services - MEMBERS1st Community Credit Union


Go Agile with OnSemble

Your intranet project should always be evolving in order to be effective. This session will introduce how to apply an agile (iterative) approach to make ongoing incremental improvements with flexibility for future phases of your portal.


Speakers: Lori Eldridge, AVP Administration - Bellwether Community Credit Union and Cassandra Nadler, Graphic Designer - First New York Federal Credit Union


Incorporate Learning and Process Improvement in Your Intranet Design

Similar to how business processes change, the design of your intranet should also incrementally improve. This session will show you how to gather input and learning from employees to incorporate into future refreshes using new process improvements.


Speaker: Kelsy Colwell, Instructional Design & Training Specialist - Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union


Streamline Workflows Through Your OnSemble Intranet

Your employee intranet is your primary resource to remove waste (practices that don’t add value), reduce pain points, and increase efficiency through improved workflows and processes. This session will highlight several ways to improve employee productivity and efficiency through your intranet.


Speaker: Alannah Texeira, Information Technology Manager - Gather Federal Credit Union


Program Begins at 1:00 p.m. EST

Turning Culture into a Competitive Advantage

Your intranet should be the backbone of your internal communications strategy to inform, align, engage, and enable employees.  This session will illustrate the importance of activating your culture, engaging employees, and reducing risk in your organization.


Tom Millay, SVP Corporate Development - Ncontracts

Stephanie Lyon, VP Regulatory Compliance - Ncontracts

Rafael DeLeon, SVP Industry Outreach - Ncontracts


Navigation Design Best Practices

Adoption of your employee intranet is heavily influenced by the ease of navigation and information access. Discover how to use various intranet navigation tools optimally to drive employee adoption.


Speaker: Kelly Barnes, Internal Communications Specialist - Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union


Streamlining Document Management

If you’re stressing about your documents – wondering how to best organize and manage countless files while keeping track of changes and approvals – then this session is for you. Join us to uncover the ease of Document Management with OnSemble.


Speakers: Lori Roth, Enterprise Content Administrator - Community First Bank and Alannah Texeira, Information Technology Manager - Gather Federal Credit Union


Award Ceremony: Besties

Closing Remarks

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Engage with your peers

One of the biggest benefits of attending CONNECT is the opportunity to connect, learn, and share among your peers.

Whether inspiration comes from the Ncontracts and OnSemble teams, customer-led breakout sessions, or collaboration with attendees, Connect provides value for all – from new employees seeking to learn the best tips, to advanced users wanting to expand what’s possible on your intranet portal, come, learn, and enjoy.