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Compliance & Risk Management Solutions

Ncontracts solutions enable your company to manage risk and compliance efficiently and effectively.

Our user-friendly, cost-saving features work together, providing seamless integration for total compliance and risk management. Transform risk and compliance management from complex burdens to strategic advantages.


Vendor Management

Tame third-party risk with a solution that identifies and controls risks through software and services.


Enterprise Risk Management

Take command of your risk, with the ability to configure assessments and controls and generate customized time frames.


Compliance Management

Manage, track, and maintain compliance with regulatory updates, interactive tools, complaint management, and automatic reminders.


Business Continuity Management

Create and implement a proven business continuity plan to protect against downtime and financial loss with built-in communication and pandemic tools.


Findings Management

Manage findings after exams, audits, and management reviews to make sure you are prepared for the next review.


Cybersecurity Assessment

Navigate the FFIEC & ACET Cybersecurity Assessment Tool with ease and efficiency, so you can analyze and improve your cybersecurity. 

Contract Management

Contract Management

Ensure that your team has secure access to contracts and the timely information they need to develop terms for your organization.


Audit Management

Automate and integrate auditing and QC/QA, for confidence in your compliance and risk management processes.


HMDA and CRA Transmittal

Spot potential data errors and correct them, for error-free, seamless transmittal that helps prevent risks, delays, and penalties.


CRA Analytics

Analyze Community Reinvestment Act data with geocoding and interactive maps that measure CRA performance.


Fair Lending HMDA and Non-HMDA Analytics

Actively manage and mitigate fair lending compliance risk by identifying loan disparities and redlining risk.