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E is for Exposure: Appendix E & The Role of Vendor Management

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E IS FOR EXPOSURE: Appendix E and the Role of Vendor Management in Controlling Mobile Financial Services Risk

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appendix-e-whitepaper.pngFinancial institutions don’t have complete control of the mobile channel. App developers, mobile network operators, device manufacturers, specialized security firms and other nonfinancial third-party service providers all play a role—making risk management critical.

This webinar will guide you through the FFIEC’s Appendix E: Mobile Financial Services to help you:

  • Recognize the role third-party providers play in mobile financial services
  • Devise strategies to identify, measure and mitigate the risks presented by the mobile channel
  • Discover the role contracts play in mitigating third-party risk
  • Address compliance and reputation risk
  • Understand the importance of the board and management in enterprise-wide risk management

Want even more? Watch the accompanying Appendix E webinar as Michael Berman delves into ways you can improve management of third-party mobile risks.