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The Crossroads of Risk: Cybersecurity and Vendor Management

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The Crossroads of Risk: Cybersecurity and Vendor Management

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During this recorded webinar, Ncontracts' CEO, Michael Berman, J.D., discusses the impact of breaches on financial institutions along with regulatory mandates that hold your executives and Board responsible for your vendors' cybersecurity and disaster recovery resiliency.

View this recording and learn about:

  • Requirements of the FFIEC's Cybersecurity Assessment Tool

  • Information on how the FFIEC, OCC, FDIC, and Fed mandates overlap regarding vendor management

  • Difference between inherent risk vs. residual risk in vendor classification

  • Best practices for vendor due diligence reviews

  • Third-party vendor contract management to decrease risk and a lot more

We encourage those interested in improving their vendor management program to view this webinar today.