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Vendor Management Includes Vendor Selection: How to Shop For the Right Vendor

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Vendor Management Includes Vendor Selection: How to Shop for the Right Vendor

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September typically kicks off the budget planning season for the coming year, and you and your colleagues may be asked to start the process to choose a new vendor. With the 5 P’s tenet of Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance, we’ll share our best practices to map out the methodology necessary to select the right vendor – and for the right reasons. Some items covered will include:

  • Conducting a needs assessment for the vendor/program that coincides with the FI’s business and operational objectives
  • Identifying key stakeholders internally for consensus building prior to the onset of the project
  • Building a list of possible vendors

  • Writing an RFI, RFP and/or RFQ as well as interview/demo questions

  • Creating a vendor evaluation scorecard as well as SLAs

  • Deciphering vendor due diligence packages and drafting contractual language

  • Saying ‘no’ to the vendors not selected - with feedback

  • Rolling out a successful onboarding/implementation plan

This webinar will be chock full of tips that will help you effectively deal with both potential as well as existing vendors with your outsourced technology platforms.