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Guarding Against Cybersecurity Threats: Assessing Third Parties and Measuring What Matters

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Guarding Against Cybersecurity Threats

Assessing Third Parties and Measuring What Matters

A recent Harvard Business Review survey stated that 85% of those surveyed expect financial impact to rise from cyber breaches while only 23% of respondents said their strategic plan addresses business risk. This whitepaper was written to help both C-suite and frontline managers better understand the risks and opportunities associated with this timely issue of cyber risk.

This whitepaper addresses:

  • The exploration of how FFIEC, OCC, FDIC and Fed mandates overlap regarding vendor management
  • Best practices in vendor due diligence reviews and contract management to decrease cyber risk
  • Re-conceptualizing threats from a strategic not tactical mindset
  • Mandates for stress testing
  • What the future holds with cyber risk