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How to Address Risk, Compliance, and Audit Issues with Your Board

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Originally Aired: Thursday, December 17, 2020 @ 2:00 PM CT

Board directors are successful and smart business people, but they aren’t typically bankers. They need help understanding the intricacies of banking—everything from the regulatory environment and expectations to risk management and audit. How can bankers effectively work with the board to ensure everyone from the board to staff has the necessary knowledge and resources?

Find out during this deep dive into how to work with the board of directors. You’ll come away with insights into:

  •  Understanding what the board really cares about
  • How to speak the board’s language
  • Strategies for helping the board effectively govern your area
  • Delivering actionable reports that make sense to the board
  • Best practices for board training & communication

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your communication and relationship with the board!