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Reliable Risk Assessments: How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Risk Assessment

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A successful risk assessment isn’t about how many red or green boxes are in the report. It’s about creating a clear representation of an institution’s risk tolerance and current risks. This allows everyone at the institution, from the board and management to frontline staff, to take actions that align with the same goals within your financial institution. Many risk managers are not sure how to handle issues with controls.

This webinar will help risk managers:

  • Effectively communicate internally to understand risk tolerances
  • Teach staff to the difference between managing risk vs. managing a task
  • Make data-driven risk decisions
  • Understand the difference between controls and scoring
  • Align risks with goals

Join us as we reassure risk managers that their institutions’ risk assessments are not job performance reviews while offering strategies for identifying risks and guiding others through the necessary steps to mitigate those risks.