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Understanding Your HMDA Data: What Does it Mean and What Should You Do About it?

Original Air Date:

Thursday, February 23rd at 1 PM CST


Leanne Minghini Headshot

Leanne Minghini, CRCM and FLE

Fair Lending Analyst

Alesha Briley Headshot

Alesha Briley, CMCP

Regulatory Compliance Expert

Your HMDA data is telling a story. Do you know what that story is or what it means? Join two Ncontracts lending compliance experts for a deep dive into interpreting HMDA data so your institution can be exam ready, confident in its fair lending compliance, and empowered to mitigate reputation risk.

Key topics:

  • How others (including regulators) are using your lending data
  • Best practices for proactively analyzing mortgage data
  • Ways to connect data points to tell a story and make effective comparisons