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Regulatory Expectations & Enforcements in 2023

Original Air Date:

Thursday, January 26th at 1 PM CST

With Special Hosts


Stephanie Lyon, Esq., CRCM, NCCO, NCRM, NCBSO, CAMS

VP, Compliance and Regulatory Content Strategy

Cheryl Grizzard Headshot (Round)-min

Cheryl Grizzard, NCCO, CIPP/US

Regulatory Compliance Counsel

What will examiners be looking for in 2023? What are the most common areas tripping up financial institutions and organizations like yours?

Join the Ncontracts regulatory compliance team for an overview of emerging compliance trends and compliance risk—and how to effectively manage them. We’ll highlight recent enforcement actions and offer recommendations on how to proactively avoid making similar mistakes.

Key topics include: 

  • Trends in exam findings and enforcement actions
  • Examiner hot-button issues
  • Anticipated regulatory changes (1071, CRA, third-party vendor guidance)
  • Best practices for compliance management & exam prep