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Banking as a Service (BaaS): Strategies for Success

Original Air Date:

Thursday, November 30th at 1 PM CST


Rafael DeLeon-min

Rafael DeLeon

SVP, Industry Engagement


Michael Carpenter

VP, Risk Management

Joe Terry Headshot

Joe Terry

VP, Solutions Architect

Financial institutions are embracing banking as a service (BaaS) to drive growth, enhance customer experiences, and stay competitive – but BaaS also comes with risk, especially when it comes to compliance.
How can financial institutions avoid mistakes and the maximize the value of BaaS relationships? Join our experts as they share practical insights and advice on:
  • What you need before entering a BaaS relationship
  • Regulatory expectations (and cautionary tales)
  • Identifying and mitigating BaaS risks
  • Managing and overseeing BaaS relationships

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