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Masterful Contract Management: How to Negotiate, Review & Manage Contracts

Original Air Date:

Thursday, March 28th at 1 PM CST



Michael Berman

Founder & CEO, Ncontracts

The power of a well-negotiated vendor contract for financial institutions cannot be overstated. A good third-party vendor contract is a risk management control that defines performance expectations, sets fair pricing, and gives an institution the tools it needs to ensure the vendor is living up to its word – while ensuring there are consequences if it doesn’t.

What does a good contract look like and how you can you ensure favorable terms for your institution? Join Michael Berman, founder and CEO of Ncontracts, for a deep dive into contract negotiation and management.

You’ll learn about:
  • Common contract mistakes
  • Regulatory expectations for contracts
  • Negotiating pricing
  • Essential terms to include
  • What to do after a contract is signed