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GRC vs. ERM: Weeding through the Jargon

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GRC vs. ERM: Weeding through the Jargon

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Risk management is about more than risks—it’s about understanding the relationship between those risks and your institution’s risk appetite and goals. But what’s the best way to effectively manage those risks?

This webinar will explore different approaches to risk management—including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)—to help you:

  • Differentiate between GRC and ERM and decide which one best applies to your institution

  • Cut through jargon to understand core best practices

  • Assess strategies for managing risk at the enterprise, management and execution level

  • Understand common pitfalls in implementing an approach 

Join us as we tackle these hot topics in risk management and help you fine tune your risk management approach in this webinar.