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Managing Coronavirus Operational Risk - Credit Unions

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Managing Coronavirus Operational Risk - Credit Unions

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As the coronavirus spreads across the globe, you must assess the risks of the pandemic and what it could mean for your institutions. From sick staff and IT systems to fluctuating financial markets and the need to maintain critical functions, FIs need to consider how COVID-19 will impact each major department and business line.

During this webinar, Michael Berman will discuss how to assess the operational risks coronavirus poses to your institution. From risk management to mitigation controls, the webinar will cover:

  • A department-by-department breakdown of risks to evaluate, including HR, IT, finance, and the front line

  • Forecasting changes in financial institution behavior and customer needs

  • What regulators have to say about pandemic preparation and testing

  • Determining if your existing BCM plan is adequate

  • How to conduct a pandemic risk assessment