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Success with the three lines of defense: How to build a compliance and risk management dream team

Originally aired:

Thursday, March 25, 2021 @ 2:00 PM CT

Successfully implementing the three lines of defense model requires collaboration throughout a financial institution, especially among compliance, risk management, and audit. From the board to the frontline, everyone has a role to play. The key is defining those roles and responsibilities so that everyone works together to achieve the institution’s strategic and operational objectives. 

How do you implement the three lines in a way that’s appropriate for your institution? This webinar will show you how to identify and connect the necessary elements. We’ll show you: 

  • The one thing you absolutely need to create three lines of defense
  • How to map out roles and responsibilities without reinforcing silos
  • Tips for addressing pushback and minimizing conflict
  • Strategies for avoiding common pitfalls

No matter which line of defense you represent, join us as we show you how to organize compliance, risk, and other functions to build a risk management dream team.