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Fair Lending & COVID-19: Strategies for Maintaining Fair Lending Compliance

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the lending environment, but one thing remains the same: Financial institutions must continue to comply with fair lending regulations.

As FIs grapple with new government lending programs and borrowers with new expectations, it’s important to consider the fair lending implications. This webinar will address the fair lending challenges new programs present while offering strategies for adjusting to the new normal. We’ll address:

  • What new and pre-existing guidance has to say about fair lending
  • Common pitfalls
  • Complying with fair lending when servicing loans
  • Fair lending and loan applicants
  • Small business lending
  • Payroll Protection Program
  • Loan modifications
  • The impact of fee waivers

Join us as we share insights into ensuring your fair lending program remains compliant during these turbulent times, which includes best practices for fair lending in a pandemic environment.