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ERM 101: What's COSO, and Why Should I Care?

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COSO’s voluntary framework, Enterprise Risk Management—Integrating with Strategy and Performance, offers a roadmap for creating stronger, more resilient institutions that are poised to take early action to exploit opportunities and defend against threats. It’s not just about minimizing risks. It’s understanding how changes in risk impact decisions and making the most of that awareness.

This webinar will dig into COSO and its best practices for ERM to give you insights into:

  • Improving strategy and decision-making with ERM
  • Applying the 5 components and principles of the ERM framework
  • The relationship between risk management, performance and value
  • Integrating COSO’s framework into any institution, regardless of size
  • COSO’s 5 components for effective internal controls

Whether you’re a CRO or just starting out in risk management, this COSO discussion will highlight core principles and arm you with knowledge that will wow at your next committee or board meeting.