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How to Find, Train & Retain Financial Institution Staff

Webinar aired:

Thursday, October 27th @ 1 pm CST

With Special Hosts

Rafael DeLeon-min

Rafael DeLeon

SVP, Industry Engagement

Growing your financial institution's next generation of superstars takes more than an eye for talent and some training. It requires you to look at your institution holistically to find opportunities to shorten the learning curve while reevaluating assumptions about what your FI has to offer employees.

This session will give you a new perspective on talent management—including key areas like compliance, technology, and lending—with strategies for:

  1. Building out and staffing new programs from scratch

  2. Optimizing headcount for existing programs

  3. Quickly bringing new staff up to speed

  4. Risk assessing remote workforce scenarios

  5. Creating a stand-out culture that speaks to today’s workers

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