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A CFO’s Guide to Audit and COVID-19 – What Have We Learned So Far?

CFOs are dealing with unprecedented challenges as COVID-19 upends financials and financial institutions’ operating environments. As CFOs seek to manage these changes, internal controls and audits have taken on even more importance with CFOs working effectively with risk, compliance and audit committees.

This webinar will explore the evolving role of audits in assessing safety and soundness during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. From financials to pandemic response, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Implications of loan modifications
  • Working with the board to navigate changes in earning projections 
  • Revising the budget
  • Compliance with CARES Act (capital requirements, PPP disbursements & temporary rulemaking)
  • Testing internal controls
  • Impact on CECL measurements
  • Post-pandemic performance assessments

Learn how to be the hero your financial institution needs right now, using audit tools to look beyond safety and soundness to weather the current COVID-19 storm and strategically position your FI for success.