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Deep Dive: A Detailed Evaluation of Your Critical Vendors

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Deep Dive: A Detailed Evaluation of Your Critical Vendors

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Ever wonder what needs to be done to analyze a critical vendor? The challenge becomes how to ensure that you’re doing enough to safeguard the workflow and management around the services the critical vendors perform for your financial institution. This webinar will be an instrumental resource in understanding how to successfully evaluate your critical vendors:

  • Understanding the vendor’s information security and cyber security

  • Reviewing the financial stability of each critical vendor

  • Determining if the critical vendor is under material litigation

  • Assessing each critical vendor’s compliance with laws, rules and regulations

  • Summarizing information on critical vendors to share with senior management

  • Informing the board about your critical vendors

  • Administering a Service Level Agreement

  • Performing ongoing/periodic due diligence via audit, service delivery capability, and business continuity

By the end of this webinar, you will know how to approach the review of a critical vendor including identifying key criteria, monitoring considerations and evaluating the risks involved in working with the critical vendors. Even one new tool from this webinar can make all the difference in how you define success in working with your vendors.