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Blindsided: How to Respond When a Vendor Gets Hacked

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Blindsided:How to Respond When A Vendor Gets Hacked

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It’s easy to forget that vendors store and transmit a tremendous amount of sensitive financial institution data. If you get notified that your vendor has been breached, naturally you’d be blindsided by the event, having to deal with lost staff time, organizational focus, or worse – sensitive customer data. Which would you rather be: Prepared to handle the situation or floundering and worrying about what to do? 

This webinar will help risk managers have a game plan with how to incorporate a vendor incident management plan into the vendor management program. Specific topics include: 

  • Issues to handle in vendor data breach incidents

  • Best practices for managing third-party risk in every department

  • Responses to each issue and documentation to create

  • Contingency plans in case the responses are ineffective

Join us as we examine how financial institutions can best protect their blindside by having a documented vendor incident management plan to further mitigate their risk in working with vendors that have access to GLBA-protected data.