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How the SSAE 18 Standard Will Affect Your Vendor Management

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How the SSAE 18 Standard Will Affect Your Vendor Management

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Fourth-party risk used to be like plugging holes in a boat. Not only would you have to assess critical vendors’ IT security controls, but you’d have to look down the line at vendors’ critical vendors. The new SSAE 18, taking effect May 1, 2017, eliminates that problem for financial institutions that know how to interpret the document and integrate it into their vendor management programs.

This webinar will show you the best way to gain efficiencies from this newly expanded vendor audit statement by helping you:

  • Recognize fourth-party risk

  • Understand how the SSAE 18 assesses the appropriateness of IT security internal controls

  • Discover what SSAE 18 results mean for your institution’s IT security and vendor management

  • Devise strategies for analyzing data from longer and more complicated audit reports

Join us as we explore the impact of the SSAE 18 on critical vendor management. 

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