Vendor Management State of Disrepair: Revelations from the FDIC's OIG Report 


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Vendor Management State of Disrepair

Revelations From the FDIC's OIG Report

The FDIC Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) deep dive into the state of vendor management has revealed widespread deficiencies including business continuity planning, incident response, contract management, internal controls and cybersecurity. Is this a foretelling of impending new guidelines?

This whitepaper will take you through the FDIC’s OIG evaluation of vendor management covering five key topics:

  • Vendor Management: Common vendor risk management mistakes in business continuity planning and due diligence

  • Internal Controls/Risk: Best practices and regulatory expectations for strengthening internal controls in third-party risk management

  • Contract Management: Deficiencies in third-party vendor agreements

  • Business Continuity Planning: Improving business continuity planning and isolating defects in third-party incident response management through vendor management

  • Cyber: Methods for improving cybersecurity and third party risk management

Join us as we dig into the OIG’s analysis to address deficiencies in third-party risk management, discuss how to mitigate them, and provide a first-hand look at the steps the FDIC may take to rectify these problems.