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Risk Assessments: Making the Most of Your FI’s Secret Weapon


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Risk Assessments: Making the Most of Your FI’s Secret Weapon

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As a risk management professional, you don’t just identify and assess risk. You’re also a savvy change agent who leverages the results of those assessments to share insights that shape strategic decisions and objectives.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of those risk assessments and maximizing your value to the team by joining us for a webinar where we’ll show you how to “right-size” your risk assessments. Working off two real-life case studies, you’ll come away with takeaways like:

  • The components of a risk assessment
  • Types of risk assessments
  • Advice on how much detail is enough
  • How to achieve consistency and greater subjectivity 
  • Best practices for interpreting risk assessments to support business decisions
  • Tips for communicating the business value of assessments to the board & management  

From beginners to experienced Enterprise Risk Management professionals, this webinar will help you maximize the value of this important tool.