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Fintech Strategy Hour With Ron Shevlin & Michael Berman

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Fintech Strategy Hour With Ron Shevlin & Michael Berman

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Fintech is overrun with buzzwords hyping up the so-called Next Big Thing. But just because everyone is talking about something doesn’t make it right for your financial institution. Whether or not today’s hot fintech idea will translate into a function that support your FI's strategic goals and objectives comes down to strategy.

Join Ncontracts’ CEO, Michael Berman and Managing Director of Fintech Research at Cornerstone Advisors, Ron Shevlin, for a candid video conversation about fintech trends and strategy.

You’ll hear about:

  • Tips for practically assessing industry fintech trends

  • The relationship between vendors and technological innovation

  • Fads that fizzled – and why it happened

  • The fintech year ahead

  • Aligning fintech with your business strategy

  • The regulators’ take on these partnerships

Join us for this engaging webinar as two industry thought leaders share their insights on making smart and strategic fintech decisions.