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Lost in Space: The Benefits of Automation in New Worlds of Contract Management and e-Signature 

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Lost in Space: The Benefits of Automation in New Worlds of Contract Management and e-Signature

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Danger, Will Robinson! Stay out of harm’s way! Is that sentiment present at your financial institution, with unseen problems lurking with all the contracts in each department? The contract problems vary: outdated templates, multiple versions in circulation, no monitoring of renewal dates, no central repository, lack of compliance/due diligence as well as service level agreements. And in addition to that, there’s the issue of e-signature and how contracts are finalized. And if these challenges do exist in your financial institution, who wants to spearhead these process changes? This webinar will address:

  1. The evolution of electronic signatures and documents
  2. How best to utilize e-signature throughout your financial institution
  3. Addressing regulatory compliance for e-signature
  4. Assessing the situation of your contract management and signature workflows
  5. Best practices in the evolution of the contract, i.e. drafting, negotiating, finalizing, enacting
  6. Insights on the benefits of automation to gain control of your fiduciary responsibilities through contracts
  7. The importance of managing third party risk by automating and capturing the data

By automating e-signature and contract management, you’ll have seamless workflows that protect your financial institution – here and beyond!