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Fending Off Disaster: The Role of Vendor Management in BCP

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Fending Off Disaster: The Role of Vendor Management in BCP

Do your critical vendors have well written, executed and tested business continuity plans? If they don’t — or if you don’t know whether they do — your financial institution may not be nearly as prepared to weather a disaster as it thinks.

This webinar will explore the link between vendor management and business continuity planning (BCP) to show why it’s not enough for FIs to develop internal business continuity plans. Plans must also address vendor preparation and response to crises.

You’ll learn:

  • Where BCP and vendor management guidance overlap
  • What to look for when assessing a vendor’s BCP
  • The difference between critical vendors and vendors critical to BCP
  • The most common mistakes FIs make when addressing vendor BCP
  • How to leverage contracts to ensure strong vendor BCP

Join us as we delve into these two regulatory hot topics, arming your institution with strategies and tools for uncovering vendor BCP vulnerabilities and fortifying your own business continuity plan.