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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that are most frequently asked about our QuestSoft Lending Compliance Solutions.

If you are unable to find the answer to your issue here, please contact Customer Support.

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HMDA RELIEF and CRA RELIEF have the same programming structure, so you can apply the scenario to either product.

Why do I get a "File Open Error" message?
File open error means two or more HMDA/CRA RELIEF programs are currently running. Check other users, to see if HMDA/CRA RELIEF is installed on the network. Close out all HMDA/CRA RELIEF programs and try running the application again.
Why don't total LAR records match with total year records?
Most likely you canceled the testing process while HMDA/CRA RELIEF is testing records. Re-test the database and let it complete 100% of the testing.
Why can't I see my LOS from the Import Database drop-down?
Go to the Setup Button, go to LOS Setup under Available Screens and select your LOS.
How do I send a geocoding outsource file and how do I load the return file?
To send an outsource file: Go to Geocoding Button, select Create Outsource, choose E-Mail to QuestSoft Geocoding Services if you will be using E-Mail (preferred by QuestSoft) to send the information. Your e-mail service must be able to use Microsoft Outlook compatible e-mail for this feature. All relevant information necessary for us to process your request will be automatically completed. All you should need to do is press the Send button. Load Return File: After processing, you will be sent a file named GCReturn.zip. Simply return to the Geocoding Button, select Load Outsourcing under Available Screens. Select the folder where you placed the file on your computer and press Load Outsourcing.
Why am I getting a "Duplicate Record Listing" screen after I imported records?
Your HMDA/CRA program automatically checks and eliminates duplicate records in your LAR database. This process is done through comparison of the Application/Loan Number which is required to be a unique number in accordance with the HMDA/CRA submission guidelines. Records with the same loan application number but containing field information which is different are displayed to allow you the opportunity to guide the program into understanding which information is the more accurate information. In some cases this may be the imported or new record. For example, if you went back to your loan processing software to enter correct loan status codes (opened, closed, etc.). Then the imported information would be more accurate than the current LAR record.
How can I protect all the work I did in my database?
HMDA/CRA RELIEF has a complete backup system contained in the Utilities option of the menu bar. The options you may select under Available Screens are as follows; Backup – Provide a name of the file. It can be as simple as “HMDA/CRA Backup”. Restore – This option will OVERWRITE your existing CRA file. Once restored, there will be no way to retrieve previous records unless they were backed up under a separate database. Empty Database – Deletes ALL records from the currently active database. This is often used in situations where an initial import brought in errant loans and you wish to “start over” again.
My computer crashed, I rebooted and when I went back into HMDA/CRA RELIEF, the total record count is now way below the original record count. Why?
Exit out of the program, go to the installation folder of CRA RELIEF, look for a file named HMDADB6 .dbf or CRADB6.dbf and move it into the Import folder. Open your HMDA/CRA program, go to Import/Export, select HMDA/CRA-RELIEF Database from the drop down list and Browse to the Import folder to find the file with a .dbf extension. Click OK and Start. This should bring up your original database before the machine locked up.
Is there a faster way to edit and correct records with errors?
Group Edits: These edits allow you to change a large number of records at a time. The primary advantage of the group edits in HMDA/CRA RELIEF compared to other products is their intuitiveness. Our edits are not merely changing one number to another number, rather the edits and recommendations adjust based on other factors within the loan record.

Blue Edits: These edits are generally less harmless to apply. This does not mean you don’t need to think and do what is right for your organization. However, errors such as denial reasons in loans that weren’t denied are generally the result of user error or inconsistencies in your loan origination software. In this instance the application of the group edit is entirely warranted.

Red Edits: These edits are generally not recommended except as a last resort. Correcting geocoding errors with group edits early in the year are generally irresponsible (except for the edit that assigns NA to the MA only). These edits are generally recommended only just before submission and then only if all other options for proper entry have been exhausted.
I keep separate databases for each quarter I process. How do I merge all 4 quarters before submitting my HMDA/CRA report?
Go to Import/Export, Select HMDA or CRA RELIEF Backup file from the Import Database drop-down list. Click Browse to go to Qsoft\CR2006\Backup or Qsoft\HR2006\BackupFolder then select the file you choose to import.
When I import more records, does it add to, or overwrite the records I already have in HMDA/CRA RELIEF?
Importing more records into your HMDA/CRA RELIEF appends to your current database unless you have duplicate loan numbers. Exact duplicates are deleted.
What are census tract numbers that start with 9900?

Beginning with the 2010 Census, tract numbers are used to identify specific types of geographies:

  • 9400.00 – 9499.99    American Indian areas – majority of population, housing or land
  • 9800.00 – 9899.99    Special land use, with little or no residential population
  • 9900.00 – 9999.99    Water areas


Tips & Tricks

Why am I getting different MSA/MD numbers compared to the FFIEC geocoder?
The FFIEC regularly publishes electronic files whenever it updates MSA/MD numbers. However, we have discovered that the FFIEC updated some MSA/MD numbers at the beginning of 2019 without publishing this data electronically. We are aware of these changes and are actively working to update Instant Geocoder, Instant HMDA, Compliance EAGLE and Compliance RELIEF to reflect these new numbers. We recommend you re-geocode your loans after we release our updates.
What abbreviations does Instant Geocoder recognize?

Instant Geocoder Abbreviations


Evaluate the address for possible spacing errors
For example, the address shown as 123 Brook Hollow may be just out of sight on your results screen, listed as 123 Brookhollow. If you are having trouble finding an address segment, add or remove space between words.
Use abbreviations without punctuation for street directionals
For example, 123 North West Main Street shows the directional “North West” as part of the address. In some instances IG may find this, as entered. To be accurate, change the notation to 123 NW Main Street. If this does not render a correct answer, delete the directional and try geocoding the address. Sometimes, a directional may have been entered in the wrong position. (e.g., 123 Main Street NW.)
Use numerical values for numbered streets
For example, 123 Second Street will send IG to look for streets starting with the letter “S”. Instant Geocoder’s database uses numerals for numbered streets. (e.g., 123 2nd Street)
Verify the Zip Code
When searching for an address segment, use the dropdown arrows next to the city and zip code fields in Instant Geocoder results screen. All possible alternative zip codes are listed within the city shown in the address fields of your record.
Verify the city

All possible alternative cities in the areas adjacent to the zip code shown in your record, are listed in the city menu. Click the little black dropdown arrow to the right of the city name showing and scroll through the selections, selecting each to see if you find an address segment match in the list.

If you cannot find a match using the city menu, the most likely reason is that the city designation is incorrect. Try typing in a city name that you know to be adjacent to the one shown, if it is not listed in the city dropdown menu. (e.g., Stevenson Ranch is a community in an unincorporated area of Los Angeles county, adjacent to the much larger city of Santa Clarita. If an address in “Santa Clarita” cannot be found, try typing in “Stevenson Ranch” to be shown other zip code and address segment possibilities.)

Address not found
If you simply cannot find a city or a zip code for the segment you need, it is possible that the United States government has not yet released that address information, for use with the Instant Geocoder database. (e.g., new construction, housing development or roadway extensions.) If it is possible, wait until your next quarterly update to the Instant Geocoder database. If waiting is not possible, please call QuestSoft at 800-575-4632, ext 205 to proceed with geocoding.


Flood Services

Why does the borrower need a Flood Determination?
The Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 made it mandatory for Federally-regulated lenders to determine the flood hazard status of improved real estate before making, increasing, extending or renewing a loan on the property or issuing a mortgage.
How big of a risk is there of experiencing flood damage during the life of a 30-year mortgage loan?

Statistically, there is a 26% chance that a property located within an SFHA will experience flood damage during the term of a 30-year mortgage. This risk is 10 times greater than the risk of fire damage during the same timeframe.

How much does flood insurance cost?
Premiums are set by the government and will be the same whether the flood insurance is purchased by the homeowner directly through the National Flood Insurance Program or through a Write Your Own (WYO) insurance company or agent who is licensed to write NFIP policies.
Doesn't the borrower's homeowner's policy cover flood loss?
Homeowner’s policies rarely cover flood risk.
Can I order flood certs using the Super-User Account?

Before you can perform any tasks on our online system, you must have a user account. This is provided to you by your site Super-user, who is your site administrator. The user account allows you to:

  • Log In and submit flood requests.
  • Download the User Manual.
  • Edit and Submit your current batch.
  • Search for and print certificates.
  • Run reports.
Do I need a password to access my account?

es, a Password and Log In Name are needed upon creating an individual user account. Password and Log In Name Parameters:

  • A Password must be 15 characters or fewer (Minimum 6 characters)
  • Must have at least one [a-z] character
  • Must have at least one [0-9] character or special character (ex: &+$^).
  • Must not contain the user’s first name, last name, or login
  • Must not be based on a dictionary word (ex: flood).
  • A Login name must be 15 characters or fewer (Minimum 6 characters)
What happens when my session times out?

If you are working on the system and have not requested a new page within thirty (30) minutes, the system will cancel your session and log you off. You need to follow regular Log In procedure.

Can I make changes to the requests I already submitted?

After your batches have been submitted, you can make the following modifications or edits to your requests:

  • Add or Cancel Life of Loan (LOL)
  • Add or Cancel HMDA
  • Cancel a pending request
  • Rush a pending request
Is it possible to order and submit more than 1 request at a time?
Use the FAQ section of your site to answer those routine questions that always come up and need to be answered. This is a great way to tell us more about what you can offer, fill in some details that might intrigue us, and show us how knowledgeable and helpful you can be.
Why does my request shows "map analyst" under Status and no print options are available?
Map Analyst status means the request is still in process and currently not available for printing. If you are unable to find the answer to your issue here, please contact customer support.