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Why is an intranet worth the investment?

According to a study from the research firm IDC, an organization with 1,000 employees wastes $2.5 million per year due to an inability to locate corporate information efficiently and due to employees unknowingly duplicating work which has already been done by someone else.

Use the calculator below to estimate your cost savings & return on investment after implementing our intranet.

Potential Annual Savings/ROI:

Want to learn more about Ntranet from Ncontracts? See the following features in action:

  •  Create pages in Microsoft Word or Excel and copy and paste the information into Ntranet to create new information immediately
  • Personalize the intranet experience and customize the content and information each employee will have access to
  • A version control system allows you to track changes and reverts to previous versions if editing goes wrong
  • Professional graphics, templates, and style sheets are customized with your company colors to consistently maintain your corporate identity throughout the intranet