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What Does TRUPOINT Partners Really Do?

Lending Compliance

What Does TRUPOINT Partners Really Do?

Posted by Justin Smith on Oct 10, 2018 10:20:34 AM
Justin Smith
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If you've ever wondered what we really do here at TRUPOINT Partners, or if you've wondered whether we can help you, then this is the post for you. In it, you'll learn exactly how TRUPOINT helps financial institutions comply and grow.

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TRUPOINT has changed a lot since we were founded back in 2009. Whether you've been a member of the TRUPOINT family for a long time or you're new to us, we thought it would be a good time to provide the real story of how TRUPOINT has grown and what it is today.

In this post, you'll learn everything you've ever wanted to know about TRUPOINT Partners, and perhaps most importantly, what we actually do.

First, you'll see an infographic that explains what we do today. After that, you can check out the evolution of TRUPOINT, and the future of where we're going.

So What Does TRUPOINT Do?

To answer this question, we've built a handy infographic...

What Does TRUPOINT Do_ (1)

In a sentence, we provide compliance and growth solutions to financial institutions.

More specifically, we provide:

  • HMDA analysis, matched pairs, and transmittal with TRUPOINT HMDA Analytics
  • Non-HMDA Fair Lending analysis and matched pairs with TRUPOINT Non-HMDA Analytics
  • CRA mapping, geocoding, and even transmittal with TRUPOINT CRA Analytics
  • Redlining mapping, geocoding, and analysis with TRUPOINT Redlining Analytics
  • Fair Lending Regression Analysis for mortgage, indirect auto, and consumer lending
  • Fair Lending risk surveys with our online Fair Lending RiskCheck software
  • Risk Assessments for most areas of consumer compliance with TRUPOINT Risk Services Group
  • Program and policy reviews for most areas of consumer compliance with TRUPOINT Risk Services Group
  • Customized on-site or remote training with TRUPOINT Risk Services Group
  • Branch Network Optimization to analyze your entire branch and ATM network for efficiency with TRUPOINT Growth Analytics
  • Site Location Analysis to help you identify prime locations for new branches and ATMs with TRUPOINT Site Location Analytics
  • Market/Residential Needs Analysis to meet regulatory requirements with TRUPOINT Needs Analytics
  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence to assess compliance risk with TRUPOINT M&A Analytics

Every solution comes with support and guidance from the team here. That approach to customer service is one aspect of how we do business that really sets us apart. 

When you buy a TRUPOINT product, you get more than a solution - you get a team of dedicated professionals  who are committed to your success. (You can see all of our smiling faces here!) We grow when you do. That's the TRUPOINT promise.

The Evolution of TRUPOINT Partners

regulatory-compliance-analysis-orange-clipboardTRUPOINT was originally built to help financial institutions navigate the challenges of consumer compliance. Since then, we've evolved to help more than 500 financial institutions across the country comply and grow.

We started by providing CRA analysis; these reports were delivered in big binders full of maps, charts, and tables. Customers who have been with us a long time might remember those! 

Within the next 18 months, we released TRUPOINT Analytics, an online software platform to help with Fair Lending analysis for HMDA and non-HMDA data. Over time, we added CRA and Redlining to the TRUPOINT Analytics platform, so that customers could use a single tool for all of their analysis. Today, the TRUPOINT Analytics platform helps thousands of compliance professionals with reporting, geocoding, matched pairs analysis, and yes, even transmittals!


Some larger customers needed more in-depth analysis of their Fair Lending compliance. To answer this need, we developed the Regression Analysis solution. If you're not familiar with the purpose of Regression, but you're making more than 2,000 loans per year, you might appreciate this explanatory blog post.

Simultaneously, customers started asking for consulting help, like risk assessments, training, and policy reviews. TRUPOINT's Risk Services Group was born to help provide that qualitative guidance. Today, our team of certified compliance pros work with banks and mortgage companies nationwide. (For smaller customers who didn't need or couldn't afford a full-blown risk assessment, we designed TRUPOINT RiskCheck to provide a simplified Fair Lending risk survey.)

In the last few years, as the banking industry has experienced both consolidation and increased profitability, more and more customers began asking for help with adjusting their branch network or completing a Needs Analysis. That's how we evolved into providing growth strategy solutions.

We believe that good compliance is good business. A diligent approach to risk management doesn't have to consume your whole budget, and all of our solutions are designed to make that possible. We know it's true, because hundreds of financial institutions nationwide are proving that every day.

What Does TRUPOINT Value?

That may seem like a silly question, but we think it's important to be clear about what we hold dear. We're growing and adding new features, functionalities, and products to the mix every quarter. How do we make sure that we're moving in the right direction? We believe we do that by keeping our core values top of mind. Our core values are:

1. Be a Partner

This is the most essential philosophy that TRUPOINT holds dear. We're more than a vendor - we're your partner. As our CEO, Trey Sullivan, says "if we take care of you, the customer, everything else takes care of itself."

2. Deliver Data-Driven Insights

We leverage your data efficiently through sophisticated analysis and expertise. With these data-driven insights, you'll get the clear answers you need to comply and grow.

3. Listen, Build, & Listen Again

From our product development to our TRUPOINT Customer Success team, our process is always to listen to you, build a solution, and listen again to ensure that we're providing real value.

4. Grow Together

We will keep you up-to-date about industry news, trends, updates, to help you learn and do your job better. Your unique experience and partnership helps us grow, too.

We're More than a Vendor, We're a Partner.

In that spirit, we also offer all customers this True Partner Promise.

We promise to be a true partner to you and your team. That means:

  • Leveraging your data to provide clarity and guidance about your performance and risk.
  • Actively listening and collaborating to build innovative products and services that respond to your real needs.
  • Constantly learning and sharing that knowledge with you so that you get better at your job and we grow as a company.

If we do keep these promises, all we ask is that you’ll tell a friend or a colleague about us! 

If you've every wondered about what it would be like to become a True Partner, now is really the time to reach out. We're shooting for some ambitious 2018 goals, and rolling out all different kinds of really cool promotions to get there. Whether you're new to us or interested in expanding your partnership, I am confident you'll find an exploratory call valuable:


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