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Ncontracts Welcomes Rahul Gupta to Board of Directors

Ncontracts Welcomes Rahul Gupta to Board of Directors

Posted by Ncontracts on Nov 6, 2018 3:10:56 PM

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.Oct. 2, 2018 -- Ncontracts, a leading provider of risk and vendor management to the financial services industry, announced Rahul Gupta as its newest addition to the Board of Directors.

Gupta is a veteran of the financial services industry with 35 years' experience running and enabling technology enabled digital services. He is currently CEO of RevSpring, a multi-channel communications and payments platform in financial services and healthcare verticals. Prior leadership roles include Group President of Fiserv, President of eFunds, and Senior Manager at PwC Consulting.

"Having spent my career in financial services and healthcare technology, I appreciate the strategic vision around automation of risk management solutions," said Gupta. "My career experience dovetails well with Ncontracts' vision to adroitly handle challenges faced by highly regulated industries. I look forward to working with the talented Ncontracts management team and helping them serve these changing financial sectors."

Founder and CEO Michael Berman added, "Rahul's impressive background bolsters our board's strategic capabilities and driving our company's growth. I see great things for Ncontracts with his insightful contributions."

ABOUT NCONTRACTS: Ncontracts® is a leading provider of risk management software and services to financial institutions. Ncontracts offers its flagship vendor management platform along with industry-leading solutions that encompass enterprise risk management, business continuity risk management, cyber risk assessment, findings management, and contract management. More than 900 financial organizations use Ncontracts to manage risk more efficiently and effectively using our integrated suite of software and services.


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