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How Model Risk Fits Into Your Vendor Management Program

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How Model Risk Fits Into Your Vendor Management Program

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How do you develop a vendor management program? From deciding whether to keep the core in-house or outsourcing it to ensuring that third-party vendors are delivering on everything promised, this webinar will show you the best practices for vendor management as outlined by the FFIEC IT Examination Handbook. We’ll go beyond the basics to understand guidance on model risk management and how it fits with vendor management and your overall enterprise risk management (ERM) program.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Essential elements of a comprehensive vendor management program

  • The vendor management risk lifecycle

  • How much due diligence is enough?

  • How to follow the OCC SR Letter 11-7 guidance on Model Risk Management

Join Michael Berman, Founder & CEO of Ncontracts, and Marci Malzahn, CEO of Malzahn Strategies, for this informative webinar as we demonstrate how effective vendor management can be leveraged to follow model risk management guidance and validate vendor models.